Yesovens is an Italian company manufacturing professional combi-ovens of the highest quality.

Thanks to our core features such as Made in Italy, great professionalism, solid experience, innovative design, extraordinary performance, care of the smallest details and the finest materials, we have been successfully exporting worldwide since the very beginning.

Yesovens product range includes professional combi-ovens for every cooking purpose.

Our Ho.Re.Ca. Line is conceived for restaurants, cafés, hotel kitchens and catering, offering an extremely versatile tool, to obtain any type of cooking: from the most traditional to the most extreme one.

The Arte Bianca Line includes professional combi-ovens for pastry shops and bakeries, enabling the operator to prepare several types of pastries, confectionery, bread and baked products.

The Special Line by Yesovens is a range of ovens designed to fit either very small kitchens, such as food trucks, rotisseries or small bistros, or very large spaces such as canteens in hospitals, schools, companies or large kitchens within supermarkets.

Our broad range includes different sizes (from 6 up to 20 trays) and different versions (touch screen, digital and electro-mechanical), as well as different options, which enable our partners to customise their combi- ovens according to the end-user needs.

Our aim is to provide high-quality, reliable and affordable solutions. That is why we offer targeted support for the management of all aspects concerning the operation and technical maintenance of our ovens, before and after sales. In addition, we arrange briefings and trainings for our partners, focusing on the installation, use and maintenance of our ovens, as well as showcasing news, software updates and sharing experiences and best practices.



Export Manager Gessica Celesti


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