Vifra is an Italian molding plastic materials Company and family business with a team of 30 people.

Thanks to its several technical skills is able to design and mold plastic products for different sectors and with different materials and polymers. In nearly 40 years, Vifra has cooperated with commercial sectors like: taps and fittings, cosmetics, perfumery, automotive, thermo-hydraulic, electronics, furnishing accessories and objects.

Our Vifra team can create a product starting from the idea of a project, supporting the Customer to reach the wanted result and offering the finished product based on its needs and requests.

Vifra has proudly obtained the ISO 9001 Certification which is a guarantee of reliability, an adequate company structure and quality. Having a cutting-edge production department, Vifra always operates respecting the nature and the sustainability. For this reason, Vifra has also obtained the ISO 14001 Certification, thanks to its attention to the environment.

The Made in Italy is synonymous of quality, reliability and originality of the design. That’s why Vifra’s production and supply chain are fully Italian: from the initial project, the prototyping, the purchase of raw materials, to the development of the mould and the customization of the product (through screen printing and lasering of your brand). In addition, Vifra offers services such as: finishing and chrome plating, assembly, packaging and shipping of the finished product.

The passion and caring of what we do, combined with the latest technologies, our qualified and efficient team and appropriate marketing methods, are the factors that make Vifra and ideal partner for Italian and International Companies of any sector.

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