“Being born in a family-run business context, I was able to live and learn techniques and characteristics of craftsmanship from an early age. Right from the start, being in direct contact with my dad but even before that with my grandfather, I was able to appreciate the dexterity and the so-called “craft” of woodworking”.

The product requested by the client was increasingly customized and the need to have a design studio led to the birth of “Varetto design” in 2005.

From beginning to end of the creative process, the philosophy of my studio is to create while integrating the client’s emotions and offering unique design pieces. The Varetto design team is made up of highly qualified architects and designers, each with their own characteristics and skills. With decades of experience in the retail, residential and commercial sectors, the architect Davide Varetto and his collaborators deals on a daily basis with outdoor and indoor interior design, including design at an international level.

The carpentry workshop attached to the studio is the most important element of Varetto Design. This space is where creativity, design ideas, objects and furnishings are created and designed by the team.

The new IDEA!! collection was born from the laboratory. The materials in their simplicity are worked and assembled to recreate objects, tables, seats, lighting.

Light fits into this collection without becoming the determining element but communicates with a language of its own. Simplicity, harmony and functionality create IDEA!! by Varetto Design.



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