Teraplast is a solid reality in the landscape of pots, for years present all over the world to enrich public spaces, premises, garden, and private homes with the best green solution. In our company, tradition and innovation are united by an indissoluble bond. The long experience in plastic injection and rotomould moulding, combined with a desire to improve our products and user experience through training, analysis, and constant research, allow us to identify new trends and respond to emerging need.

The production of a wide range of articles, together with the design of display models and the possibility of developing privat label projects, allows us to assist the customer in a complete way with the aim of improving in-store performance.

From our headquarters in Italy, we ship our products all over the world every day, we are a global partner exporting to major countries: Europe, Asia-Pacific and American continent.

Tera is a brand of Teraplast S.p.a. oriented towards the circular economy an economic system designed to regenerate itself, guaranteeing a reduction in waste and emissions through the recycling and reuse of plastic It presents our collections of indoor and outdoor pots made of recycled plastic from separate waste collection and 100 recyclable. A plastic product at the end of its life cycle can be recycled and reintroduced into a production system to create a product of equivalent quality to the original product. Teraplast has chosen to pursue a vision of enterprise by measuring itself against the increasingly challenging demands of environmental impact.

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