We are pleased to introduce you to SCOLARO, an Italian Company specialized in the production of high-quality parasols mainly for CONTRACT and RESIDENTIAL sector.
SCOLARO have been producing wooden and aluminium parasols for almost 50 years, particularly for Hotels and Restaurants. SCOLARO is proud to be among the best manufacturing companies in the parasol sector both in Europe and worldwide.

We specialize in high-quality parasols with both central pole and side-arm.

We export to over 70 Countries worldwide.  Everything we produce is MADE IN ITALY !!.

SCOLARO‘s mission is to promote the culture of high-quality sustainable design and innovation combined with Italian style, to make life in the open air an experience of psychophysical and aesthetic well-being. A design that respects our values such as flexibility, innovation, sustainability and aesthetic beauty. Practically the principles with which we carry out projects all over the world. Each project is the result of a multidisciplinary experience that makes our products exclusive, highly competitive and long-lasting.

We combine this extensive experience with our personality and the use of innovative and technical materials. We continue to generate new manufacturing efficiencies, ensuring that we use only the best materials and guarantee our production with the highest standards of quality and finish. The result is our Italian style, of which we are promoters, which is the lifeblood of all our creations.

SCOLARO represents with its history the Italian excellence all over the world: from the concept to the design up to the realization. We offer our customers unique high-quality projects, guaranteed by our brand which increases the value of the purchased product over time.

SCOLARO obtained a few years ago the certification of authorized Made in Italy exporter.

Custom Authorization Code IT/036/PD/20.

To get a SCOLARO‘s global view, headquarters, equipment, stock material, various assembly stages and finished products, please click on the OVERVIEW to open our institutional video.

OVERVIEW: https://youtu.be/-PhPsMokBrI

We remain at your fully disposal for any clarification you may need.


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