Safitex is a Synthetic Turf manufacturer based in the flourishing Val Gandino, a historical valley which has always been known all over the world for its manufacturers. Safitex is a dynamic family company specializing in the production of synthetic turf for sports and landscape applications.

Founded by the Salvatoni family, Safitex has consistently delivered exceptional synthetic turf solutions that meet the rigorous demands of both sports and landscaping projects. The commitment to excellence, durability, and sustainability has earned a strong reputation to the company

One of Safitex’ core values is environmental sustainability, thanks to our exclusive ECO NEXT technology fully recyclable. The goal is to provide a solution which is not only quality but also recyclable and ecological. In fact, this synthetic grass has multiple features: in addition to its high recyclability, it is made up of an exclusive draining mat that helps to lower the turf temperature, making use of the field in the summer months more pleasant. And that’s not all, this special feature means that even after heavy rainfall, water quickly flows away leaving no trace. Eco Next is perfect for both sports fields and gardens and terraces.

Safitex offers an extensive range of synthetic turf solutions for various sports such as football, tennis, padel, multisport and landscape. Our turf systems are engineered to provide performance, safety, playability, and longevity.

Safitex values close collaboration with clients, working closely with project managers, architects, and contractors to provide tailored solutions that meet specific project requirements.


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