Since 2007 Universal Science has pursued a precise program and a clear focus on its business and its role in the lighting sector: the production and development of LED modules.

Our boards have the RED – Integrating Lighting Technologies brand, which is registered in Europe, guarantee of quality, and symbol of the presence of a production site in Italy.

The company showed an ongoing growth since its beginning. During the years we have continuously invested in our production capacities. A new 20-heads pick & place has been recently introduced: it has an assembly capacity of 95.000 components per hour and it has allowed us to double the production capacity (mounting capability of 250 million+ LEDs per year).

The investments in human resources are the most essential element we have in our company and on which we are focusing. Over the years we have developed the purchase and the sales offices to work in cooperation and create the best flexibility and customer support for any kind of issue. The presence of a close-knit team of engineers and specialists can guarantee a dedicated support to our clients in the production of lighting fixtures and single components of a LED system. We consider every technical aspect regarding the correct use of LEDs: from electronics to thermal management, from optics to mechanics. All these aspects together with a deep market knowledge, are the main feature of our company.

Universal Science’s mission is to contribute to the development of the clients’ products by applying the most suitable and modern technologies.


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