R.D.D. ITALIA is an innovative start-up company, established in January 2020 to transform customers’ dreams into uniquely designed products to be reproduced on an industrial scale.

The creative input can be defined by the customer, or it is created with our style centre through a careful process of formal research and development thanks to our Italian know-how. In both cases, the customer is supported by the style centre by analysing the project and preparing the first sketches; the research study continues with the development of the three-dimensional model that, thanks to our technological processes, can be appreciated on set renders or inside our VIRTUAL SHOWROOM on VR; in this way, the customer appreciates a product on a real scale that can be seen and configured. Our services are transversal and allow us to offer the customer the best solution: from the use of 3D models for designers/architects or web pages, to the creation of customised VR showrooms.

But that’s not all… what distinguishes us most is a direct dialogue between creative and technological processes aimed at industrial production. Our virtual prototyping systems allow us to dialogue with the three-dimensional mathematics of the product and to study the best design solution for the customer with great accuracy. At the same time, we consider the most appropriate materials for the product while also researching and developing new technological solutions. At the end of the project, the customer receives all the material needed to produce a product with a unique and reproducible design.

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