When we created Novaluna in 2013, we had a well-defined company and product project in mind. With a long and solid entrepreneurial history behind us, such as that of Fratelli Cornacchia group, it was natural to imagine and shape a brand able to keep together the factors and characteristics of the company (reliability, efficiency, innovation, technology and expertise) with those of a product first desired and then realized.

How do we get to this level? First, let’s talk about the factory where the beds are made. The factory of the industrial group to which Novaluna belongs is in Matera, the geographical area that includes the Matera-Montescaglioso upholstered furniture district and the Apulia wood-furniture district, production areas that are among the best known in the furniture sector on a continental level. All employees are selected and trained according to the spirit of the company: passion, constant updating, maximum care of the whole and of the details.

Another determining factor is the 100% Made in Italy production cycle. Project, prototype, production and quality control are all made in Italy. A guarantee of reliability, competence and taste recognized all over the world and confirmed by a very clear fact: Novaluna can boast a very high customer satisfaction.This is the essence of Novaluna, a brand present in all continents, which wants to offer high quality products, with a wide catalog that can accommodate beds with cutting-edge design and more contemporary beds, because every home has its own taste and style. This is Novaluna: emotions and design.


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