Founded fifty years ago in the heart of Brianza in the Lecco area, Italy, which has always been one of the industrial districts traditionally devoted to metallurgical activities, Metallurgica Buzzi is an excellence in the network of small and medium-sized enterprises that build the lively and dynamic economic-productive system in Lombardy region.

Our company produces a wide range of steel wire items for garden and house since more than 50 years; currently we have in our range more than 260 items, all manufactured in Italy.

Fixed and adjustable wall or balcony holders, plant pots with chain and wall shelves, pot movers, holders with saucer, wall or countertop box-holders, borders for flowerbeds and pathways, weathervanes, frameworks, trellises and arches, greenhouses for vegetable gardens; the home line includes drying racks, dish drainers and bathroom shelves. These are just examples of our wide production.

We have two production plants: a covered area of 1,800 sqm on a total surface of 10,000 sqm, for the whole production process of round wire and flat steel, including painting and plastic coating; a shelved warehouse of 800 sqm to stock finished products guarantees a timely supply to customers.

Important brands of Italian large-scale distribution are captivated by Metallurgica Buzzi’s products, starting with La Standa, followed by Esselunga and Bennet, MD, Coop together with other supply chains such as Obi and Brico io, Bricofer, etc.

The current export share of  turnover is about 25%, with the aim of increasing and is developed through a distribution network covering Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Bosnia and from 2020 the United States.


Export Manager Alessandro Redaelli


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