The Company

Marco Manetti Milano is a company that produces contemporary handmade design products which are Made In Italy. Marco Manetti Milano makes use of the great artisans which are situated in a large part of the Italian territory. It is this craftsmanship which is essential in the determination of the final product and in its exclusivity.
The genesis of the objects that make up our lines is a continuous succession of design and craftsmanship. From the pencil from which the first project sketches are born, to the decisive choice of elements, and the able hands that forge them. Those same hands that, trained by knowledge handed down from generation to generation, create the ultimate quality of our product. The materials, valuable and selected, are chosen and used with selected methods over time, are researched and cared for in every detail and arrive at the hallmark which is our final production


The Marco Manetti Milano Proposition

Combining architecture and art, shaping them into a whole, we create design objects that will integrate into the living space until they become set like jewels. Harmony is the basis of all our work.
The aesthetics are produced by the natural tension that arises from the relationship between different forms and materials. This will generate emotions.The task of design is to enter into this sensitive fundamental relationship in the most natural way, combining tradition and innovation in the search for simplicity.

Our design philosophy becomes product and lifestyle.









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