The history of Murano Glass has deep and ancient roots. The art of glass making has a rich heritage that is interwoven with that of the city of Venice, with the two sharing glorious and wonderful moments through time.

For more than 8 centuries, in this little island of the Venice Lagoon, glass making has reached unique and unparalleled evels of elegance, technique and ability. It is an exquisite art form that is globally unrivalled: Murano is Glass and Glass is Murano.

GAMBARO & TAGLIAPIETRA srl MURANO GLASS STUDIO is a Glass Company born from an evolution of a famous and historic Murano glass furnace, Vetreria Artistica Gambaro & Poggi Glass Company.
It was founded in 1974 by Mario Gambaro and Bruno Poggi who had trained with some of the most renowned glass artists and at some of the most prestigious glass companies in the world. The pair soon became popular for their refined products and their new stiles and shapes.

Gambaro & Poggi Glass Company was particularly well-known for the production of artistic glass objects: big and small traditional craftsmanship masterpieces – bowls, vases, plates, animals, candleholders, table lamps, carafes, drinking glasses, sculptures – and limited edition collection pieces for a refined customer looking for a unique product.

Gambaro & Poggi has stayed true to the traditional Murano Glass techniques, but has also experimented with new ones, to ensure ts objects remain modern: contemporary and simple productions combined with traditional techniques as the “murrine” or the “gold leaf” in contrast to classic shapes in pastel colours with the “scavo techinique” or the simultaneous use of both gold and silver leaf on a black glass, and also “incalmo”, “baloton”, and “sommerso”.

These ever-evolving productions enable the company to grow and renew, whilst also honouring the tradition of glass making.
This innovation has seen the Gambaro & Poggi furnace evolve into Gambaro e Tagliapietra Srl Murano Glass Studio, combining a 40 year history, with a new creative passion and spirit.

Every piece is expertly made by hand, controlled, authenticated with master Matteo Tagliapietra’s signature engraved upon it. Each item comes with warranty certificates which provide details of its quality and origin.
Gambaro & Tagliapietra Srl is associated to Consorzio Promovetro, which comprehends leading artisan companies, specialised in this traditional handmade production, and respecting the high quality Murano Glass standards. It is also licensee of the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark (code number 022), given by the Regione del Veneto only to the glass companies of the island of Murano.


Matteo Tagliapietra was born on the 16th of November 1973; he is son of a Murano glass master.

He began to work at 16 as helper and pupil of Mario Gambaro, owner and glass master at Vetreria Artistica Gambaro & Poggi Glass Company. His short but intense apprenticeship leads him to become a master in the same company, at the age of 21.

Very soon Matteo shows the abilities and skills belonging to all those with a natural disposition for this job; he can easily give shape to glass and control it. Thus he reveals himself as predestined to a profession that combines study and commitment, to the natural sensitivity that belongs to artisan masters.

His main qualities are an extraordinary flexibility and an experimental temper that makes of him one of the most promising young glass Master in Murano.

These are the reasons why he leads his own “piazza” – a Murano glass term which means the working team.

He experiments many working typologies, especially for what concern Murano glass objects – vases, plates, bottles, sculpture of animals, drinking glasses, carafes and various tableware a well as traditional and modern lighting.

He works with various techniques, as blown glass and “massiccio”, creating typical Murano glass style productions, but he also dedicates himself to custom projects, for the artists and designers who collaborate with Gambaro & Poggi Glass Company.

He has become a fundamental keystone for a furnace that in the years has been known for its refined style and its exclusive works.

In 2015, after the retirement of Mario Gambaro, a great turning point. He founds together with Mario’s heirs the Gambaro & Tagliapietra Srl Glass Company, where he works as glass master and partner.

This represents the beginning of a new course: to establish himself as acknowledged glass master and at the same time to begin, together with Luciano Gambaro, new productive lines, styles and creation to renew and innovate the millennial Murano Glass art.

A new challenge to face, and to win.

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