Erre Bi.Bi. is a company that has been operating for more than twenty years in luxury market providing an organized and functional production of leather goods and sophisticated design items.

A wide attention for details, for quality and for process innovation are some of our corporate values, the cornerstones of our production and our corporate strategy; this philosophy is what allow us to provide a 360-degree service to our customers, a service made of both following orders carefully and trying to satisfy every request.

The world of luxury and design is an amazing reality wich runs very fast, in which innovation is the key for success, we have homologated ourselves to these rhythms trying to improve more and more in order to be always competitive in the market and expand our company.

We have been working in an area where quality requirements are very high, due to this experience we wanted to exploit our knowledge into another sector by creating something new, innovative and that could involve anyone and turn on people’s desire to experiment by stimulating their imagination.

IX-CUBE is a project that came to light gradually, after a long period of planning, we are very proud to have managed to design such an innovative, customizable seat wich can satisfy a very large amount of different needs.

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IX Cube

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1. Aldo Belbruti
2. Salvatore Segantin
3. Alexia Mersini

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