DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO® is a brand of furniture conceived and made in Italy under the close direction of architect Chi Wing Lo.

His vigorous pursuits in design, fine craftsmanship and innovative use of materials have set new standard and expectation; his passion in furniture is a signature which is immediately recognizable.

The DIMENSIONE CHI WING LO® furniture are both simple and versatile, humble and full of ingenuity, ample and precious, always infused with a true sense of timelessness.

They are long-lasting in design and making, comfortably at home globally across diverse cultural settings and untouched by the ever changing trends of home furnishing today.

These unique characteristics and ideological demands become the driving force behind the realization of every item in the collection.

Coherent in idea, inventive in design, meticulous in craftsmanship, each piece of furniture is made of natural materials that have been crafted and engineered by the hands of accomplished artisans with the aid of the most advanced machinery, emphasizing the Extremewoodworking® of Maroni.

Our emergence is inspired by a deep sense of commitment to the best for every product conceived.

In the coming years, this collection will continue to grow to include more explorations involving new types of furniture, lighting, and finer objects.

Our dream is to create a rich, solid and comprehensive collection of furnishing items which will distinguish themselves in both design and quality, which will project consistently our value and vision of contemporary living for everyone to share.


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Dimension Chi Wing Lo Catalogue 2023 


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