I started learning the secrets of the glyptic glassmaking on the wheel, visiting my family’s workshop when I was only ten.

My Art studies, which include a Diploma in Arts, studies at the European Institute of Design in Turin and Master Courses, together with my thorough analysis and investigation of the ways of processing and working glassware as well as my painstaking and continuous application to the Art of Engraving, have all contributed to my extraordinary ability in designing and creating objects d’Art.

I started producing my own lines of engraved classwork in 1993, in my own workshop together with reliable craftsmen. I also started working for internationally important companies. Thanks to my recognized abilities, I was invited to participate in the opening of the first workshop of its type at the MACEF in Milan in 1997.

It was in that period that I began my lasting and fruitful collaboration with glass factories in Tuscany and Murano, with wholesalers, fashion designers as well as home designers such as DIOR for which I produced table pieces from 1998 to 2000.

I was accorded the status of international artist and designer in 2000, when I was asked to participate in the 11th “DECORATION ET JARDIN” Exhibition in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco.

In 2016 I won the MAM Award (Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere), promoted by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte. In 2018 I attended “Homo Faber”,  the event dedicated to celebrate and support master artisans handcrafting objects of true excellence.

My name has appeared on trade papers and magazines with interviews and photo reportages of my creations which have been published in glossy magazines such as AD, MARIE CLAIRE MAISON, MENABO’, GENTE CASA.



A space conceived to inspire. It represents a choice aimed at the research of every detail and the creativity of high design.

Exclusive articles as well as faithful reproductions from Neoclassicism to XIX Century English archetypal objects. A manufacture characterized by a sophisticated technique and virtuosity which well establish our glass pieces as expressions of Art.

They clearly define a difference between a glass object intended as luxury home decorative piece and a true masterpiece, drawing a line between the industrially manufactured luxury object and the individual creation which reflects our deep love and dedication to Art.


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