Craft passion, quality and design.

The history of the Boscavenezia door manufacturer began way back in 1968. In the carpentry shop, first of all, wooden trunks and cots were made; then interior furnishings up to specializing in the production of completely handmade doors where the craftsmen work the wood with passion and an unmistakable personal style. The quality of their products makes them one of the best-known manufacturers of luxury doors on the market.

The one who understands the value of the product is Mr. Daniele Borò, who acquires the company because he recognizes in it the excellence of Made in Italy. The entry into the company of Daniele Borò, the current President of the company, gives life to Boscavenezia Srl, the brand that wants on the one hand a strong continuity with the past and on the other the energy and new ideas to push the company to create products for customer needs, new styles, a new design. The Mission of Boscavenezia is: Elegance, Craftsmanship and Quality, qualities that come to life in the doors, partitions and boiseries and represent the historical values ​​of Boscavenezia.

The company is a manufacturing with a high content of skills, which combines traditional artisan quality with the aspects of luxury. It is present on the market because it has been able to translate the demand of a market that focused on a style of furniture with an excellent finish into a high-end finished product.

Not just doors, but furnishing elements.


Export Manager Roberta Esposito


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