Bonfante is a multifaceted company that operates in the garden furniture, street furniture and building finishing sectors.

With over 70 years of experience, Bonfante has the ability to produce from

the small garden furniture product to the most complex and important prefabricated urban furniture structure.

With two fully automated concrete production plants and a robotic system for the production of aluminum elements for the garden, Bonfante is at the forefront of production lines and attentive to worker safety thanks to the digital lifting lines present in the packaging areas.

With a catalog of over 700 items in different finishes, Bonfante aims to create a complete package of items for its customers with different tastes and uses.

For the standard product, the digital warehouse is interconnected with production and with customer orders, so as to always have the necessary stock to meet order requests.

In recent years, the design and creation of the innovative Globo series has been carried forward in the urban furniture department, which blends traditional elements with modern alternative energy systems. This project demonstrates the company’s sensitivity towards eco-sustainability and attention towards an increasingly green world.

The search for Smart Solutions for the management of orders and deliveries has led them to hold a real record: canned iron and cement. For example “Tavolozza” line, the water point with a minimalist design that comes in a practical box, containing all pre-installed accessories; a real turning point in the world of garden furniture.


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