About Us:

Ambrogi srl is a historic Italian company with a long tradition in the pizza cooking industry. Founded in 1939, Ambrogi srl produces traditional wood-fired and gas-fired professional ovens for restaurants and pizzerias, as well as a line of home-use ovens, which are sold worldwide.

In 1979, Ambrogi srl was the first company in the industry to build monoblock pizza ovens, making them easily exportable without the need for specialized on-site labor, thus allowing this particular catering equipment to be exported around the world.

Ambrogi’s philosophy is based on continuous research and experimentation of new products, an innovation that has allowed the company to respond to market demands both in terms of quality and competitiveness. Tradition, passion, and experience are at the heart of their business philosophy. The high quality of Ambrogi srl ovens is reflected in the meticulous research and selection of raw materials, constant attention to studying and improving product performance, and an approach oriented towards understanding and meeting the expectations and needs of each individual customer.

After almost 85 years of history, Ambrogi srl has reached its third generation and continues to produce wood-fired and gas-fired ovens with the same passion as the first day. The company continues to strive to constantly improve its products ensuring that historical and future customers receive the highest quality product. Italian artisan tradition and decades of experience are reflected in every oven we produced ; each made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen and specialized technicians.

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